Engenho dos Erasmos

Client: Engenho dos Erasmos, USP
Website: prceu.usp.br
Date: April 15, 2015
Services: Web Design

01. intro

Engenho dos Erasmos

How can we bring a physical place to the virtual world? How can we translate sensations and instigate the will through a website? The goal of this project was to properly represent Engenho dos Eramos, an archaeological site managed by Universidade de São Paulo (USP), in the web, and satisfy the demands of historians, researchers and tourists. 

The first part of the work was to understand the contents suggested by the institution. Then we set priorities: 1) to bring more visitors to the historical monument; 2) to organize the events schedule; and 3) to display articles and contents in a intuitive and practical way.

Cool Animated Slider

Beautiful images and
zoom animation: this Slider
gives the user a taste of the Monument


Events organized intuitively and easily visualizable.


Monument’s projects displayed in an attractive and smooth image slider.

Rock Personality

The diversity of the rocks in the historical monument is the basis of all of the intern pages’ headers.





Launch Site