Code in the Dark Lisbon

Client: Etic Webdevelopment Course
Date: July 6, 2018
Services: Organization, UI Design, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


Coding competition

Code in the Dark is the coolest front-end event and it takes place in many cities in the world. As soon as I got in Lisbon, I tried to find out when it was going to happen there. Turns out it wasn’t going to, so I decided to make it. Me and some friends developed our own competition system, asked for a few companies to help spread the word and put on the party!  


Landing page

This is where people registered to participate in Code in the Dark Lisboa. 

Inside the

Wallboard System


Random selection

The first step of the game is the selection of players. By clicking the ‘Randomize’ button, the system automatically chooses four competitors among the registered people. 


Getting started

Once the system has chosen all four players, their pictures are presented to the public, that will vote in the end of the round. When all competitors are positioned in their places, we begin the game by clicking the ‘Start Round’ button. 

Show time

Let’s code!

Now, the players have 15 minutes to get the job done. They all have the same layout to code and can’t preview what they are doing. We just have to hit play and let the game begin. 

People decides

Time to vote

Once the game is over, it’s time for the public to decide who’s the winner. The system will update the number of votes each player gets in real time. The voting lasts 2 minutes and viewers use the mobile phone to vote.



After 2 minutes of voting, the system shows us who’s the big winner of the round. By clicking the ‘Restart’ button, we begin another round of Code in the Dark. 

On Mobile

Voting Tool

We created the voting tool using Ajax and an Open Socket connection. All viewers can vote for his or her favorite player. 

During the Round Copy
During Vote Copy
During Vote
During the Round

The event

Let’s party!

Code in the Dark Lisboa happened at Etic, in July 2018. Everybody had a great time coding, having some beers and meeting new people. Take a look at the video: